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2022 Year In Review

Join michael sherman and spring fed media to look back on the projects and adventures of 2022. From Capturing documentaries of rocket launches into the aurora borealis, to live streaming rowing competitions by drone, 2022 was an exciting year with more to come.

Video Reel 2019

Enjoy some of the best shots from Spring Fed Media during the first years of creating videos.

Wildfire Prepardness

Educational video

Oregon has 60 million acres of land and 30 million acres of forest. We cannot cut our way to a fire-free future or reduce fire risk over vast landscapes. What We can do is focus our limited time, energy, and money on ensuring our homes and communities are ready when fire comes.

Saving the oregon Dunes

short Documentary

THe oregon dunes is such a remarkable place, but they're well on their way to disappearing forever. This video tells the story of the Oregon Dunes and the community group working to save the open sand.

Used as a main marketing piece, this video will be used online, at community presentations, in grant writing, and anytime the story of the Oregon dunes needs to be told in under 10 minutes. 

Protect your drinking water

short Documentary

The non-profit group Wild Rivers land trust, has been working to protect the drinking watershed in their community of Port Orford, Oregon. This video shines light on the challenges these water sources face and how protection instead of restoration is the best route to go. 

Ron & Ron Wildfire response

Social media education

Senator Ron & Mayor Ron bring attention to work being done in the forests surrounding communities to prepare for forest fires. Instead of reacting after a fire happens, we can focus immediate efforts directly adjacent to homes. 

Oregon's Forest Waters

Social Media education

Forester Dave Eisler is attuned to the needs of forests, his community, and the water that flows through them. He is a logger, and he thinks we need to do more to protect Oregon's forest waters.

In the Lab with Grain Millers

Youtube series

This online video series showcases the functionality of Grain millers oat-based ingredients. as a b-to-b manufacturer, grain millers wanted some fun and informational videos highlighting attributes of their many products, and they could be utilized in different recipes.

Heather Mills Photography

Business Promotional Video

Heather mills is one of Eugene's premier photographers, working to bring out the natural beauty in everyone. This behind-the-scenes look into the studio, shows how the magic happens and how impactful photography can be.

Friends of Fish Lake

Documentary series

A four-part documentary series interpreting this historical site and engaging visitors to become involved into the future.

This video series will be played using iPad kiosk video players on location.

OSU Old-growth clearcut

short Documentary

In May of 2019, Oregon State University’s College of Forestry cut 16 acres of old-growth forest. This video was created to show the story of what happened and how a community group is advocating for the protection of other old-growth forests managed by Oregon State University.

McKenzie river trail run

online promotion

The mckenzie river trail run is a non-profit group focused on giving back to the community. This video helps promote the event while encouraging participants to arrive early and stay late to enjoy this beautiful area.

Hours inTo Minutes

Short Timelapse Movie

Condensing 22 hours of landscapes into under 3 minutes allows you to enjoy nature from a new perspective

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